Look after your loved ones

With the easyAID Personal Monitoring System, looking after the elderly or any family member, who is in the need of daily care, has become a lot easier. Get notified instantly about events, directly on your mobile phone.


Compatible with almost any Remote Monitoring Stations.


Besides the mobile phone notifications, GPRS easyAID is also capable of connecting to a Remote Monitoring Station, thus providing extra care for the family.

Emergency Pendant

Easy-to-use solution for emergencies

Emergency Pendant

Your loved one can easily carry this pendant with themselves and push the button in case of an emergency.

easyAID in a nutshell

easyAID has many functions that makes your loved one’s life more secure:

  • Daily reminders

  • Reporting to monitoring stations

  • Emergency Pendant for increased security

  • Event notification via text message, e-mail or push notification

Caring has never been easier!

Emergency Pendant for serious situations

Why easyAID?

  • Reporting an emergency by just pushing a button

  • Wide signal range for free movement

  • Long battery life ensures more security

Mobile Apps

Download the latest apps for easyAID:

Get it on Google Play


Do you need further information or require technical details? Are you uncertain which would be the right product for you? We are here to help!

Melinda Didek

International Sales Director