1 device = 3 functions

All in one hand: contact-controlled communicator for alarm centers, standalone alarm center, as well as GSM-transmitter.

IP camera support

IP camera support

You can receive live camera images by connecting the Pager4 PRO module to an IP camera.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Should you be on your way home or in a meeting, observing your property is easier than ever before.

An all-round solution

A short summary of device parameters:

  • 2G/3G/4G communication

  • 6 configurable NO/NC inputs

  • 1 NO relay output: controllable by events and remotely, too

  • notification via voice call, SMS, e-mail and push

  • sending reports to the monitoring station over the internet

With the Pager4 mobile app you can have a look at your property in every moment.

Comes with a Mobile App

Switch to the mobile app because

  • it’s free of charge,

  • you can get push notifications on all the events directly on your mobile phone,

  • control and supervise your device wherever you are,

  • and many more…

Mobile Apps

Download the latest apps for Pager4 PRO:

Get it on Google Play

…and that’s not all!

You can learn more about Pager4 at tell.hu.

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Melinda Didek

International Sales Director