Introducing IP Bridge PRO

This is the common ground between your alarm system and the remote monitoring station due to IP communication
Whether you use it as a standalone reporting device or as an IP-based control device, IP Bridge is the right fit for you when facing any difficulties in signal transmission
You don’t even need to be at the place of the device in order to configure it! Just remember to take your laptop with you, as well as to connect to the Internet!

IP camera support

IP camera support

Never miss a second to keep an eye on your property! IP Bridge notifies you of any suspicious activities, by transmitting live IP camera images.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Always on the move? No problem! With the IP Bridge mobile app, you have the power in your pocket. You only need to tap on the respective tile of your cell phone display to open any menu item of your choice.

Are you looking for the suitable communicator for multiple applications?

It may be the right product for you. Why? Let us list some of the reasons:

  • It has phone line emulation function

  • It is capable of reporting to not only 1 but up to 6 monitoring stations at the same time

  • It has a NO relay output that is controllable by events

  • It notifies you of events via text message, e-mail or push

  • It has transparent serial port support

…and that’s not all!

Mobile Apps

Download the latest apps for IP Bridge PRO:

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…and that’s not all!

You can learn more about IP Bridge at

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Our Clients say:

TELL Software is an innovative company with a wide high quality product range. They move quickly from idea to product launch and we always receive excellent support from their team. The people at TELL Software are always prepared to listen to feedback from the market and usually they implement these new ideas in their solutions.

Olle Karlstrand, ACANDIA AB, Sweden

As from 2010 already, we started as a Belgian distributor to add TELL products in our product portfolio. For many years now, we have been extremely satisfied with these products.
It concerns high quality products, which are continuously adapted to the actual market needs.
We are looking forward to continuing to do business with TELL.

Wouter Carrette, RAS bv-srl, Belgium


Do you need further information or require technical details? Are you uncertain which would be the right product for you? We are here to help!

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