The missing link to your alarm system

Why would you bother with your alarm system every single morning? Arm or disarm it in just a second!

Universal Communicator

Universal Communicator

Universal Communicator

ecoLINE PRO represents a universal communicator for alarm systems with the possibility to forward alarm events to monitoring stations.

Mobile Support

Mobile Support

Mobile Support

ecoLINE PRO has an easy-to-use mobile application with a user-friendly interface.

ecoLINE PRO in a nutshell:

EcoLINE PRO has a wide range of useful features and functions:

  • Phone line emulator

  • Programmability through USB and IP

  • 4G/3G/2G communication

  • TEX-MVP, TELLMon, SIA IP DC-09 protocol support

  • And many more…


Discover the world of ecoLINE PRO NOW!

Mobile App

Free Mobile App

With the free app you can

  • easily arm/disarm your alarm system,

  • control and supervise your device wherever you are,

  • get push notifications on all the events.

Mobile Apps

Download the latest apps for ecoLINE PRO:

…and that’s not all!

You can learn more about ecoLINE PRO at

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Melinda Didek

International Sales Director