Dualcom SIA IP in brief

DUALCOM SIA IP represents a communicator for fire alarm control panels that converts contact input events to SIA IP, TELLMon or TEX-MVP format and sends them to the alarm monitoring receiver using an IP channel on mobile GPRS network.

RMS compatible

RMS compatible

Using this device, the input events are sent to the monitoring station’s IP receiver over the GPRS network, using SIA IP protocol based on ANSI/SIA DC-09-2007 standard, TELLMon or TEX-MVP protocol.

Fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems

Due to the application of duplicated phone modules, DUALCOM SIA IP guarantees a high security level. Therefore, it is suitable for high risk signal transmission applications (e.g. transmission of fire alarm events).

Quick reactions to emergency situations

What to know of the device?

  • compatible with all alarm centres either with contact outputs or with those, that resolve the lack of the contact outputs with relays

  • no central server is needed, only an endpoint IP receiver with internet connection

  • possibility to separate different types of events from each other

  • guarantees high security level by applying duplicated phone modules

Better safe than sorry!
Stay alerted with DUALCOM SIA IP!

DUALCOM SIA IP – remember when planning your own fire alarm system!

Let’s see some of the technical parameters!

  • Parallel usage of two independent GSM modems

  • 6 NO/NC/EOL contact inputs

  • 6 configurable NO relay outputs

…and that’s not all!

You can learn more about DUALCOM SIA IP at tell.hu.

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