Adapter2 PRO

No landline and still installing an alarm system? Yes! Stay connected with Adapter2 PRO!

Adapter2 enables the installation of an alarm system, thus reporting to a monitoring station, even if no landline is available at the given place. By means of the receiver of the connected landline phone device, it can also be used as a general emergency signalling device by both elderly people and people in need of care.

IP camera support

IP camera support

Do not leave your home unattended! Our Adapter2 product can be connected to an IP camera, so that you can ascertain that no unauthorised person is staying in your property.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Always in a hurry? Nothing is easier than using the Adapter2 PRO mobile app to have a look at your property any time, regardless of how far you are from the camera. Just one tap on the respective tile on your smartphone screen (iOS, Android), and the live camera image becomes instantly visible for you.

Discover the world of Adapter2 PRO NOW!

Mobile App

Benefits of the mobile app

With the free app you can:

  • Control and supervise your device wherever you are

  • Get notifications on all your events

  • And many more…

Mobile Apps

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TELL Software is an innovative company with a wide high quality product range. They move quickly from idea to product launch and we always receive excellent support from their team. The people at TELL Software are always prepared to listen to feedback from the market and usually they implement these new ideas in their solutions.

Olle Karlstrand, ACANDIA AB, Sweden

As from 2010 already, we started as a Belgian distributor to add TELL products in our product portfolio. For many years now, we have been extremely satisfied with these products.
It concerns high quality products, which are continuously adapted to the actual market needs.
We are looking forward to continuing to do business with TELL.

Wouter Carrette, RAS bv-srl, Belgium


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