The latest versions of the Adapter2 firmware and programming software have recently been released.

Bug fixes of the programming software

  • Limitation of the number of unique partition names, correction of overflow error
  • Limitation of the number of unique usernames, correction of overflow error
  • It was possible to duplicate the same event code when copying the unique event code name, now corrected
  • Prohibition of running multiple programming software at the same time

New functions of the programming software

  • Introduction of extended logging, as well as possibility to log the modem communication
  • Permission to load Adapter2 settings in Adapter2 PRO
  • The server IP address and port of the TELL Cloud server can be modified among the advanced settings

Bug fixes of the firmware

  • Software-side correction of damaged configuration of the WiFi product version
  • Applying the parameter for the set volume/microphone sensitivity in the advanced settings
  • After entering a wrong WiFi password, connecting to a WiFi network was not possible anymore
  • Extending the length of event names

New functions of the firmware

  • Possibility to configure the TELLMon server in SMS